Vision & Mission

Gateway City Church is a response to the calling to be the contemporary Joshua; being strong and courageous, radical in obedience, having extraordinary faith, and exuberant in worship. We arise to assume our roles and responsibilities for a redemptive cause, seeking to be gatekeepers and channels of blessings for the city and nation.

Simply put, we want to be radical, relevant, and relational in reshaping the generations! Come, dream! Partner with us to raise and empower an end-time generation that will be equipped to take the city and the nations beyond it.

Let us make God famous!


The Vision of Gateway City Church is to Empower the Generations, and Impact the Nations. We strongly believe that we are called to help people recognise their God-given potential, empower them, and release them into the ministry to make a great impact in the nations around the world.


  • Firstly, we seek to have Radical Faith that will be bold in our expression of who God is and what He has done for us.
  • Secondly, we seek to have a Relevant Approach in all that we do, bringing the life of the Word in a holistic manner across social, cultural, and generational barriers.
  • Thirdly, we seek to build Relational Connections that will grow and mature as we encourage and inspire one another towards loving God and people.
  • Finally, we seek to Reshape Foundations of the mind as we challenge the belief systems of the world to embrace a divine perspective, having the mind of Christ; we seek to create godly and healthy cultures.