Sports Ministry

Who We Are

We are a team consisting of people who are passionate for sports. As much as we are passionate about sports, we are also passionate about people. We do not neglect the importance of training and building sportsmen and sportswomen to be the best they can be. We place strong emphasis on character building. We want to see individuals rising up to tap into their respective potential, to be the champions that they are meant to be in every possible areas of their lives.

Why Sports?
We believe sports is one of the many paragons of communicators. Sports has the power to engage, to educate and to encourage people in ways that are nonpareil by any other medium. People from across every generation are able to relate to sports. It is without a doubt a universal language.

We see the potential sports have to empower and to impact the masses. Sports is seen as a key into challenging, influencing and empowering the lives of both young and old. It serves as a positive catalyst, unlocking the champion in them!


To empower the generations and to impact the nations through a specific and relevant approach – sports.


To use sports as a relevant approach to build relational connections across every generation; empowering, educating and encouraging people from all walks of life to be a champion.

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