Process & Values

Our Drills

  • CELEBRATION (Church Service)
  • CONNECT (Connect Groups)
  • CORE (Mentoring Groups)

Our Development

  • ENGAGE (Evangelism)
  • EQUIP (Discipleship)
  • EMPOWER (Service)
  • EMERGE (Leadership)


  • We exercise radical faith. We are courageous in taking bold steps of faith as God leads us to see Him work the impossible.
  • We are strong and courageous in kingdom advance. We move to make His presence known and to make God famous locally and abroad.
  • We function within the framework but think out of the box. We understand the limitations that we have but choose to be creative and innovative in extending God’s purposes.
  • We constantly seek to pass the baton. We empower people to run the race that God has placed before them so as to raise up champions.
  • We seek to build disciples not congregations. We believe in the Great Commission as a foundation for every Christian in reaching out and building people.
  • We deliberately weave big baskets. The harvest is always plentiful, therefore the more leaders and workers we have, the greater the yield. Size does matter.
  • We set the pace for generosity. In order to be like Jesus, we believe we have to first of all learn to give generously just as He gave.
  • We pull our own weight. We do what it takes for personal growth while keeping a strong sense of accountability to the leaders.
  • We tow the same line. We are dedicated to embrace the God given vision of the pastor and the church. We actively guard the unity and seek to see the vision come to completion.